Eden Petroleum Limited (EPL) is an indigenous Ghanaian company established on 19th March 2019 and officially incorporated as a limited liability company under the Ghana Companies’ Code, 1963, Act 179, on the 19th day of March 2019 by the Registrar General of Companies.

Having complied with the provisions of Sections 27 and 28 of the Companies’ Code, 1963, the company was issued with a certificate to commence business with effect from 19th March 2019. The Company’s registration number is CS0786822019, and the TIN is C0023765259


Business Objectives

The nature of business for which certificate to commence business was issued were:

❖ Marketing of petroleum products
❖ Selling of lubricants
❖ Haulage of petroleum products


OMC Recognition

To attain the status quo of an Oil Marketing Company, an application was made to the National Petroleum Authority being the regulator on the 25th of November 2019 for consideration and approval.


Having undergone the necessary requirement leading to the operationalization of the company, the National Petroleum Authority duly issued a provisional Oil Marketing Company Licence with licence number 300 05 093/EPL/2020P dated June 5, 2020.


After issuance of the provisional licence, the company commissioned an operation in search of retail outlets to either lease or partner with and by October 2020, four (4) stations were selected and duly engaged for operations.